Alan Mani

Partner-Director of DEINK BRASIL.

Business Manager graduated by Mackenzie-SP, with a postgraduate degree in Finance from INSPER-SP. He is Founding Partner of Deink Brasil, and Strategic Planning and New Business Director of Empresa Paulista de Embalagens Agroindustriais Ltda (EPEMA).

He acted in several economic sectors, starting his career in the Telecommunication market, in addition to financial and shopping center markets, actuating in the area of New Business of Grupo Jereissati S.A, and finally in the Plastic Processing industry, in which he works until today, actuating in management consulting in some companies of the sector. Currently, he is exclusively dedicated to EPEMA and DEINK BRASIL.

André Inácio

Auri    Marçon

With Mechanical Engineering background, MBA in Marketing and Finance, in addition to Certified Engineer by ASQ/APICS, he built his career within chemical multinational companies, operating in the chemical-textile sectors of thermoplastics Nylon and Polyester, PET resin and PET recycling. He was Business Director at Rhodia-ster (M&G Polyester), CEO of Polynt, and CCP Composites (Grupo Total).

Currently, he is President of ABIPET – Associação Brasileira da Indústria do PET, member in Councils and Partner-Director of Mastersenso Consultoria, acting in Industrial Competitiveness and Sustainability areas.

Mechanical Engineer at Universidade Santa Cecilia

  • Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with focus on Materials (FEI)

  • Starting a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering as a special student.

  • Studying for an MBA in Business Management at Saint Paul Escola de Negócios

  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain – UNIP  

He has been working for 13 years at General Motors with development of External Finishing parts (Crates, bumpers), as well as additional experience in the automotive market in companies such as Faurecia Sistemas de Interiores, Weidplast and Scania (a total of 18 years of experience) in the areas of engineering and manufacture of plastic parts.

Professor in Engineering courses for 5 years (until December 2018 at UNIP-SP).

Beatriz Luz

Chemical Engineer and Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from University of Surrey, England, where she worked with the public and private sectors for 10 years. Representative of Brazilian delegation in the ISO standard committee for Circular Economy, coordinator of the 1st book on the theme in Portuguese language and idealizer of the largest education network for Circular Economy in Brazil. She has been a pioneer in 2014, in taking the theme for discussion in the Brazilian chemical industry, leading discussions with international customers of Braskem’s green plastics. In 2015, she founded the Exchange4Change Brasil, a specialized consultancy aimed towards influencing transition into Circular Economy in the country. In 2017, she was one of the few Brazilian representatives in the Ocean Conference, taking Brazilian commitments to the plastic chain, and over the recent years she has driven discussions in national and sectorial institutions such as FINEP, BNDES and ABIPLAST, providing capacity-building initiatives and strategy with companies such as GERDAU, Renner, Equipa PDV, Casa da Moeda do Brasil, Plastiweber and TOMRA. Currently, she is launching the 1st Brazilian ecosystem aiming to meet leading companies committed to advance the process of transition and work together to overcome barriers, break paradigms and make feasible projects.

Fábio  Luíz Cardozo

Graduate in History; consultant in the area of Cooperatives Management, he is Partner-Director of the company LC Consultoria em Coleta Seletiva e Reciclagem. For nearly 20 years, he has been developing and implementing projects providing social and productive inclusion of collectors. He participated in the implementation of the Selective Collection the city halls of São Paulo, Diadema and Guarulhos. He acted in several projects financed by the federal government, Petrobrás, Fundação Banco do Brasil/CATAFORTE and SENAES/M.T.E. He worked in the public and private sectors, Municipal Council and Secretary of Public Works of São Paulo, Instituto GEA, Unisol Brasil and Ecoar, as well as in the company I&T. He integrated international cooperation projects, with Agencia Canadense-CIDA, FSA and USP, in addition to Missão de Cooperação Técnica Brasil-África, in Cape Verde. Currently, he is a consultant of the program Ser + da Braskem.

Franisco Luiz Biazini Filho



Vice President of Instituto Dínamo de Desenvolvimento Sustentável.

Vice President of Sindicato das Cooperativas de Produção do Estado de São Paulo.

Counselor of Fórum de Desenvolvimento da Zona Leste, Associação Brasileira dos Profissionais de Sustentabilidade and Instituto Venturi para Estudos Ambientais

Member of Observatório Nacional da Política Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos.

He has a Ph.D in Science from Universidade de São Paulo (USP) through the Nuclear Technology Program of Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares (2014). He has experience in the area of Sanitary Engineering, with focus on Solid, Domestic and Industrial Waste, acting mainly in the following themes: social responsibility, recycling, solid waste, ISO 26000 and sustainability.

Frederico Nascimento

He is an Electronic Engineer, post-graduated in Production Engineering, with focus on Lean and Six Sigma, essential knowledge areas for a professional in the industry. He developed his entire career in the industrial segment for over 20 years in the Electric and Electronic Market, which assured him expertise in more effective production processes, and a wide experience in manufacture of high-tech products. Currently, he holds the position of Senior Operations Manager, contributing to assure a quality and sustainable operation. He is in charge of strategic projects for Flex, such as Sinctronics, products with a background, and All of these projects with a focus on social inclusion, circular manufacture and economic feasibility of projects affecting positively the society and the planet.

Hélio  Wiebeck

Full Professor of the Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials of Escola Politécnica da USP. He gives classes on polymers, both in graduate and postgraduate courses; he has published three (3) books in the area, several book chapters and articles in national and international magazines. He taught courses in industries and associations, and currently he participates in projects with industries. Coordinator of the seminar “Reciclagem e Valorização de Resíduos Sólidos, Meio Ambiente, Sustentabilidade” (Recycling and Valorization of Solid Waste, Environment, Sustainability), which in 2019 completed the XV edition.

Larissa Pinheiro

Larissa Pinheiro is a Materials Engineer with a master's degree and a PhD in engineering. She has been working for 20 years in the Latin America market in the Polymers area, having worked in the automotive, consumer goods, aeronautics, white goods, petrochemical and chemical sectors. She has worked in basic research, polymer characterization, product development, project management, process development and application engineering. She worked as a professor in Materials Production Engineering for 3 years. She is currently responsible for Kraton's application engineering in Latin and Central America, focusing on specialties.

Leonardo   Roriz

Ciclopack – Founding partner

A packaging and product authenticity, traceability and security company

MasterMind Tecnologia (MindFi) – Founding partner

A software company – currently advisor

MindLog – Founding partner

A fleet management and reselling company via software – currently advisor

MindJus - Founding partner

A proceeding and petition management company via software – currently advisor

UGOV – Co-founding partner

A social networking company for citizenship and politics – currently CEO

Director of the Committee “Acelera FIESP|CAF” and Director of DEMPI (Departamento de Micro, Pequenas e Médias indústrias)

January 2015 - PRESENT

Brazilian representative of Agencia Silicon House – Located in Vale do Silicio, USA. (See attached presentation) – September 2016 – PRESENT

Advisor to INSTITUTO KAPOK – As institute aimed towards support for the Brazilian corporate innovation ecosystem.

Lígia Camargo

Graduate in Marketing, with specialization in Businesses and Sustainability. Currently, Ligia is Advisor of the Plastics Cooperation Network. She is Executive of Sustainability and Communication at Danone, and leads activities related with the theme, including employment and income generation programs, circular economy, sustainable agriculture, in addition to leading the areas of internal communication and external institutional communication of the company. With a wide experience in internal and external stakeholder management, she collaborates with several areas in search of a favorable environment to engagement in the theme and has in her background great partnerships such as UNICEF, WWF, Akatu, Fundação Abrinq, Cruz Vermelha, Aliança Empreendedora, Visão Mundial, MASP and BID, among others. She chaired the ABA Sustainability Committee, taught Sustainability in postgraduate courses and is a member of the Cempre committee, in addition to having an interview channel (Incomodados (Uneasy), com Lígia Camargo). Additionally, she is a proud mother of twins. 

Luciano Gileno

Mechanical Engineer by UNICAMP, with specialization in the industrial/ environmental/management areas by UNICAMP, PUC-Minas, Fundação Dom Cabral and Fundação Getúlio Vargas. More than 20 years of experience in the industrial area, mostly the production of PET resin and polyester fiber, in chemical and recycling plants. Currently, he is a consultant for 3Rios, with a project of a Science and Environmental Engineering master’s degree at UNIFAL in progress, on the Industrial Ecology theme: "Avaliação do Ciclo de Vida do PET-PCR no contexto brasileiro" (PET-PCR Life Cycle Assessment in Brazilian context”).

Marcos   Ferreira do Nascimento

Economist, with specialization in Business Economics by FIPE/USP. He has been working as an economic advisor of the transformed plastics sector for more than a decade, responsible for publication of "PERFIL DA INDÚSTRIA BRASILEIRA DE TRANSFORMADOS PLÁSTICOS" (PROFILE OF THE BRAZILIAN TRANSFORMED PLASTICS INDUSTRY) and for information management of the transformation and plastics recycling sector with ABIPLAST and SINDIPLAST.

Raquel Souza

Commercial Manager at Arkema de Polímeros Funcionais with 15-year experience. At ARKEMA, she works with specialty chemicals, like polymers allowing recycling and compatibility of materials which are harder to process, such as PET, PA ,among others.  

Ricardo Jamil Hajaj

Mechanical Engineer by Faap – Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado; Postgraduate in Marketing and Finances by FGV; He has been working in the Plastics Sector since 1979; Experience in processing companies and Petrochemistry.

Founding Partner of Cimplast Embalagens 1995, specialized in COEX packaging with barrier for the agrochemical and food sectors. Sold in 2011.

Founding Partner of Cimflex, specialized in recycling of agrochemical and lubricating oil packaging in the State of Paraná.

Acquisition of Novoflex  in 2012,  a company specialized in recycling of agrochemical and lubricant oil packaging in the State of São Paulo.

Director of Sindiplast since 2012;

Advisor to Abiplast since 2012;

Founder and Coordinator of CNRMP – Câmara Nacional dos Recicladores  dos Materiais Plásticos -  2012;

Environment Assistant Director of Fiesp since 2013.

Roger Werner Koeppl

Mechanical Technician (SENAI), Production Technologist (FATEC), Academic Featured on Production Engineering (PUC) and postgraduate in Business Administration (FGV). He worked in different sectors, from metallurgy to consumer goods, with attributions in the areas of logistics, engineering, foreign trade and consulting in large multinational companies.He changed his corporate career to collaboratively build a recycling cooperative (YouGreen) aiming to become a big solutions HUB to issues of waste, joining the best practices in the corporate field with those of the cooperative universe. The YouGreen already provides services to large multinational companies and reached historic remuneration marks to its cooperators, composed of displaced professionals, graduates of the prison system, transsexuals, historic collectors, doctors and masters, among many other possible diversities. Award winner of “Jovens Inspiradores” (Inspiring Young People) (Veja and Fundação Estudar), “Jovem Embaixador Ambiental” (Environmental Youth Ambassor) (Bayer and PNUMA), “Jovens Talentos” (Young Talents) (Fundação Arymax) and “Empreendedores Sociais da Laureate” (Laureate Social Entrepreneurs); he is also quoted by Forbes as a possible future Steve Jobs. The cooperative is internationally recognized among the best companies FOR the world, according to B system.

Tobias Walcesky

Expert in Polymer Processing Technologies.

In 2010, Tobias Walcesky graduated from the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Science, with focus on Plastics Engineering. During his studies, he did an internship at Auckland University on the theme “Manufacture and characterization of high resistance biodegradable composites”.

He started his activities at Nordson in 2010. At the time still Kreyenborg GmbH, acquired by Nordson in 2017. Today, he is one of the main development project articulators with customers in Brazil and worldwide.

Zita Simone Oliveira Krammer

For 21 years she has developed state-of-the-art packaging, assisting important brands to overcome significant challenges in the implementation of innovations.

Well experienced in project management, bringing the balanced combination between business opportunities and technical possibilities.

At Unilever she had the exclusive opportunity to launch new shapes and varied materials throughout Latin America with regional, local and global scope with the brands: Seda, Rexona, Close-up, Dove; OMO, Lux, Knorr, Arisco and Hellmann´s.

Currently, she strongly acts on environmental causes, connected to business growth purposes, bringing reduction in environmental impact, which also contribute positively in the social context.

Responsible for leading the first full-scale implementation project of Post-consumer Resin in cosmetic flasks in Brazil.


- Industrial Chemist – Unimep

- MBA – Administration – Ohio University

Jan Daniel Stöger

Sales Manager In-house & Post Consumer Recycling

EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH

Unterfeldstrasse 3, A-4052 Ansfelden

Jan Stöger graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Wels in Innovation and Product Management with a special focus on engineering and from the Danube University in Krems in marketing and Sales. He has been employed by EREMA since 2011 where he started his career as an Area Sales Manager.

Jan Stöger now works as Application Sales Manager – In-house & Post Consumer/Latin America. His duties include responsibility for sales and providing an insight into the market for post-consumer plastics recycling.

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